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How to Find Hidden Files on Acer Laptop?

Every system has hidden files and hidden folders that you hide by yourself or virus or malware hides such files automatically. Hidden files are customarily Windows System related files. Knowing how to find Hidden Files on Acer Laptop may sounds…

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How To Fix Acer Error Code 0xc000000d?

The error code usually occurs with users who are running Windows 8 Home Premium 64-Bit operating system. This is usually a BSOD technical problem which alerts users to recover their PC as soon as possible. Further, the error defines that the system…

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How to Replace Acer Laptop Motherboard?

One of the worst things that can happen to user Acer Laptop is motherboard failure which results in Acer Laptop Motherboard Repair for further future use. But in case user laptop motherboard is beyond repair it is advised to purchase…

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