How To Fix Acer Chromebook Error?

Fix Acer Chromebook Error

This is basically an error message which appears in the Acer ChromeBook operating system when it is not working in a proper manner. Also, users may face this issue due to factory state issues. Well we have solutions to fix Acer ChromeBook error in simple explanations. so, let us now see what we have in below solutions.

 Acer Chromebook Error

Solutions to troubleshoot Acer ChromeBook error


Solution 1: Try to recover the Acer Chromebook in this solutions

  • In the working computer which should not be the Chromebook with the error), simply install the recovery application first.
  • Now, you need to open this app to follow all on-screen instructions in order to create a recovery media.
  • Open the next thing is to open the Chromebook which you wish to recover.
  • Make sure to remove any of the connecting parts such as mouse, keyboard, etc.
  • Enter the recovery mode now.
  • If you are working with the ChromeBook, just press and hold the “Esc + Refresh” button. Tap the “Power” icon now. Let all of the keys disappear whenever message will appear on the screen.
  • Users are requested to turn it off and then, press the “recovery button”. Tap the “Power” button to turn on the device. Now, search for an appropriate location where users will come across below mentioned messages such as:
  • Damaged Chrome OS is missing and insert the recovery USB stick as well as the SD card.
  • Insert the recovery USB stick as well as the SD card.”
  • Recovery media which you’ve created should be inserted now.
  • At last, follow all of the on-screen instructions given below

Solution 2: Try this one if you are not satisfied with the above one

  • Backup your data which is there on the hard drive because it will be completely wiped out when users have decide to get a fresh Chrome OS operating system
  • Once you are done hold the “escape” button, the “refresh” button, and the power button and then, install the Chromebook Recovery app from the Chrome Web Store. Put it in a fresh USB or in the SD card. Insert them in the Chromebook.
  • Now, go back to the original setup process to get rid of this error code.
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