How To Fix Acer Error Code 0xc000021a?

This error 0xc000021a is basically due to update process being done by users. After the update is done, it restricts users completely to boot the system and further, you will get a blue screen of death (BSoD) error. As per as study, there are basically two types of files that leads to this error to appear. These files are list are list as follows: the first one is ‘winlogon.exe” file which functions as a login process and the logout operations in the system. Also, the file can be damaged due to mismatch of System data or may be due to thirds party software issues. If somehow, the file gets damaged, it will cause the PC to boot to the Login mode automatically. The second one is “csrss.exe” file which belongs to the Microsoft server or to a client and a damage to this file will be resulting to this error. In this blog, we will provide you top convincing methods to fix Acer Error Code 0xc000021a.

Acer Error Code 0xc000021a occurs because of several reasons as mentioned below.

  • The screen turns out to be blank while turning the computer on.
  • Hearing beeps while turning the computer on
  • The frequent crashing of the system
  • While turning on the device, an error message is displayed on the screen.
  • Windows do not start
  • Failure of the motherboard regularly
  • With continued usage, the adapter fails leads to battery issues.
  • The computer or the device keeps on turning on and off repeatedly.

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Acer Error Code 0xc000021a

Methods to fix Acer Error Code 0xc000021a

Below we have methods that are most effective for repairing this error code.

Method 1: Repairing all corrupted system files

  • Download and then, run an appropriate tool by simply clicking on the particular option to scan for all corrupted files. If there is corrupte files existing in the system then, repair them.

Method 2: Booting up the system manually

  • To easily fix this problem, users are advise to boot the system on manual basis. Booting the system in safe mode is recommendable with the help of force drivers to disable signature option available inside the “Advanced Boot Options”. To access the option, simply follow our instructions given below:
  1. Restart the PC from the Windows by pressing the “Shift key” and then, click the “Restart” icon. If the “Restart option” is not accessible or visible then, just go for booting mode in the system via bootable USB.
  2. It will navigate to the “option screen” where you need to select the “Troubleshoot to access the advance tools” icon. From the next screen, choose the “Advanced” option.
  3. In this next screen, you will come up with a plenty of options where all you need to do is to click on “Startup Settings” icon. Now, in this screen, there are a number of options available to select from. Tap the “F7” button which is label as a “Disable driver signature enforcement” text.
  4. Now, the PC will restart automatically with the option which you have selected. Use your PC with the help of different options.

Method 3: Fixing the error code by using the SFC Scan process

  • This one is another method if both the above methods did not work for you. Users can also work with the System File Checker Scan. Which will help them repair all corrupted files causing this particular error. Running the SFC in order to scan the full computer will certainly solve the problem
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