How to Fix windows 10 keeps restarting on Acer Laptop?

windows 10 keeps restarting on Acer Laptop

Acer Laptops restarting on the loop is a very common problem faced by users. This problem arises when you make a fresh update of your Windows 10 system. But there is nothing to freak out. You can easily fix windows 10 keeps restarting on Acer Laptop without any data loss.

Whenever you try to shut your Acer laptop down, it keeps on restarting again and again without any prior warning in every few seconds. There are abundant reasons which trigger this problem:

  • Damaged Hard Disk
  • Corrupted or Bad CD/DVD
  • Infected RAM

How to Troubleshoot Windows 10 keeps restarting on Acer Laptop?

fix windows 10 keeps restarting on Acer Laptop

In spite of the error, you can access your Acer laptop in safe mode. In safe mode, you can use the different repair tools offered by Microsoft to fix this problem up. Else you can use some effective bootable tools to help your system boot up. No matter which computer or laptop brand you are using, this problem is resolvable easily.

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Things You Need to Fix Acer Laptop Restarting Issue on Windows 8/8.1/10:

  • A blank CD or USB flash drive which will help to burn a bootable disk or drive
  • A workable computer where you can download Windows Boot Genius.

Follow the mentioned steps to make this error disappear:

  • First, you need to insert a CD/DVD into the CD-ROM Drive. Else you can connect a USB Flash Drive to a working computer.
  • Now burn the program to your blank CD or DVD or USB Flash Drive after launching Windows Boot Genius.
  • When the burning process is done, use that burnt CD or DVD or USB drive to the unbootable computer or laptop.
  • You need to then set your BIOS to boot the computer from CD/DVD/USB.
  • Windows Boot Genius will be launched automatically after accessing your Acer device.
  • When you are done with the process, navigate to the Windows Rescue menu and thus select “Crash before loading bar”.

You can find a whole list of utilities under Windows Boot Genius. You can work your way down by trying them one by one until your Acer system comes back to normal.

Get Professional Approach for Multifarious Acer Issues:

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