How to Resolve Flickering Acer Laptop Screen?

Flickering Acer Laptop Screen

When your laptop screen starts trembling, there is nothing more frustrating than that. Acer Laptop’s screens are sensitive to even for the smallest things. Almost half of the users face faint display and flickering screen. You can resolve flickering Acer Laptop Screen by knowing the pattern of the flickering screen.

Laptop screens are very sensitive to electronic items. When you keep electronic devices like speaker, cell phones and other such devices, a magnetic field works between the device and the system. The Acer Laptop screen may start to dance whenever any electrical activity happens. Software issues also trouble the display of the Acer device. Video drivers, hardware issues, faulty inverters also escalate such display problem.

Flickering Acer Laptop Screen

Hassle-Free Step By Step Procedure to Troubleshoot Acer Laptop Screen:

Flickered screen is a pain in the head. You cannot heave until the screen gets back to normal state. The good thing is that the problem may seem grimy but the process to solve it is easier than you think. If your laptop screen is quivering, either read the blog out or connect with Acer Laptop Repair Services to clear out the chaotic issue.

  • First thing that you need to do is to switch the laptop off. Remove all the external devices along with taking the battery out.
  • Reseat the battery in its place and turn the laptop on.
  • Now right click on the desktop to reset the resolution and refresh rate.
  • Click on ‘Screen Resolution’.
  • When the “Change the Appearance of Your Display” appears, click on “Resolution”.
  • Choose the resolution of the display and navigate to “Advanced Settings” option.
  • A Graphic Card dialog box will appear. Look for the Monitor option there.
  • Under the “Screen Refresh Rate”, choose “60 Hertz” and thus Click on “OK.”
  • Remove any speaker, fluorescent lights, mobiles and other electrical devices which may be creating the flickering.
  • Next you need to connect an external monitor to your Acer laptop and check whether the screen flickers as well or not.
  • If it does, the issues strictly within the laptop itself. In this case of hardware failure, professional aid is needed.
  • Now reinstall the Video Drivers by logging into the Administrator Account.
  • Open Device Manager by clicking on the Start button.
  • Double click on Display Adapters and thus choose Drivers from there.
  • Click on Uninstall to remove the driver from the system.
  • Reboot the system and check whether the flickering has stopped or not.
  • Now open the Manufacturers site and reinstall the latest video driver and BIOS for the system.
  • Check whether the Display Inverter is faulty or not.
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